Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Matt Dallas in "One Percenters" movie: 1%ERS

A moody California Tuesday: Matt's view from the location's
'production hangar' (via his Twitter).

Matt Dallas is currently involved with another indie film called 1%ers (One Percenters). He broke silence and shared his first photo from the set via Twitter (see below) with the caption "A Tuesday at the office #onepercentersmovie." 

This short film is being directed by Francesca de Sola (who also wrote it) and includes real bikers (The Mongols), a helicopter...and the amazing Michelle Rodriguez and Jaime King! Until the production team gives the go-ahead for more publicity, details about the movie (synopsis, characters/production team details, project history, distribution plans etc) can be found in the Investors Prospectus. We will also post updates via this blog, our Website, Twitter and Facebook Page as and when...

Matt captured on set by Chanel Raisin (via Instagram)
Website (not yet public)
Facebook Page
Investors Prospectus

The following information is taken from the Investors Prospectus:

 A famous actress and her co-star break away from their Hollywood bubble to a locals bar in pursuit of something ‘real’. Things take a dark and violent turn when they clash with a group of bikers.


Set in Palm Springs , 1%ers is a story about “Hollywood,” and the surreal world inhabited by OLIVIA, a famous movie star whose glamorous life has been turned upside down following a recent crisis on set. 1%ers is also the story of the collision between two subcultures which society allows to operate outside the rules followed by the other 99%: Celebrities and the Mongols, a one-percenter motorcycle club. Olivia arrives in Palm Springs to attend a press junket promoting her latest film, and becomes disinterested in the world she inhabits. She runs into TATIANA, another actress who co-starred alongside her in the film. 
After the junket, Olivia and Tatiana ditch the scheduled diner at Morton’s, and head out to get drinks on their own away from typical Hollywood society. They set out to find something fresh and real, and ask their driver to bring them to a local dive bar, just outside of Palm Springs. Olivia and Tatiana are thrilled when they find themselves at a genuine Mongols motorcycle bar. They assume fake names and dive into their characters in this new world, where they are invited to buy into a poker game. When Olivia wins using a trick she learned on set, the situation becomes increasingly dangerous, as both the girls and the 1%ers cross boundaries in ways they could never have foreseen. Olivia is triggered to “break character”, and take drastic action. The incident blurs the lines of identity and reality leaving Olivia unclear as to what is truly real.

WRITER/DIRECTOR Francesca de Sola
PRODUCER Oscar Hernandez
CO-PRODUCER Austin SepulvedaASSOC. 
PRODUCER Marissa Diaz
DP Danny Vecchione

LOCATION Los Angeles
GENRE Satire/Action-Comedy
LENGTH 12 min
FORMAT HD Digital/Color 
ASPECT RATIO 2.4 Anamorphic/Stereo


OLIVIA Michelle Rodriguez
TATIANA Jaime King


PRODUCTION Dec 7-19, 2012


  1. It is so great to see Matt involved in so many projects recently. Can't get enough of the man! I predict 2013 will be a banner year for this fine actor with the heart melting smile!

  2. Anonymous12/19/2012

    I agree, it's very exciting to see that the Dallas is working on various projects and that indeed 2013 is going to be monumental for him! His famous smile is going to take him lots of places! :)