Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Matt Dallas and Blue James Hamilton: Engaged & Engaging

On the evening of January 6th, 2013 Matt Dallas (Kyle XY, Beauty & The Briefcase, Naughty Or Nice) posted a photograph via Twitter, along with one of the most significant announcements of his life:
"Starting off the year with a new fiancé, Blue Hamilton. A great
way to kick off 2013!"
In less than 140 characters, Matt not only introduced — and publicly declared his love for — his significant other, but eloquently obliterated unwelcome, unnecessary (and often offensive) speculation about his own sexual orientation.

To those of us involved in keeping the world updated on Matt and his projects, Blue has been a familiar figure for the past few years. He is, however, more than simply the fiancé of everyone's favorite 'boy without a bellybutton'...he is much more.

Though describing himself as a "home renovator, equal rights advocate, marijuana supporter, hate hater, and peace pontificator", Blue is first and foremost a musician. He forged a career as a music publishing executive (signing artists such as Katy Perry and Semi Precious Weapons) and is an extremely accomplished singer and songwriter in his own right. His artistic sensibility, sense of adventure, love of the outdoors, passion for canines, good looks and fabulous sense of humor are just a few of the traits that make Blue such a perfect match for Matt.

May they share a long and happy life, brimming with love, health and infinite reasons for us to continue being proud of them beyond words. 

Blue's music

You can hear Blue's latest tunes below from his recently released EP RadioFlyer


  1. If matt dallas is reading this then i just wanna say congrats on being happy. That is the true answer as to why we humans exist. To do what we love help others and be happy. So once again. Congrats to both and may you be happy together for as long as you can.

  2. Why they do not make new kyle xy with other actors I want to know what the end will be.