Friday, May 03, 2013

"Life Tracker" — Knowing Changes Everything...

Indie thriller/drama/sci-fi, Life Tracker, in which Matt Dallas stars alongside Barry Finnegan and Rebecca Marshall, completed a week-long run at the Harkins Shea 14 theatre in Scottsdale, AZ on May 2nd. 

Joe McClean, Barry Finnegan and Matt Dallas (via Joe McClean)
The screenings were attended by movie lovers as well as the cast and crew's families and friends, with a special Q&A session with writer/director, Joe McClean, Producer, Sarju Patel, and cast members Barry Finnegan (Dillon), Matt Dallas (Scott) and Rebecca Marshall (Bell) after the 6.20 screening on April 27th. 

L-R: Barry Finnegan, Joe McClean, Sarju Patel, Rebecca Marshall & Matt Dallas.
L-R: Matt, Rebecca, Sarju, Sandy Dallas (Matt's mom) & Blue Hamilton (via Matt)

There are some spot screenings of LifeTracker planned over the next few months (so far Ohio, Utah and South Dakota, a Los Angeles premiere and hopefully one in New York), and the movie will be featured at upcoming sci-fi conventions Balticon and ConCarolinas. The film will be represented at Cannes 2013 by Red Sea Media in the hopes of securing international distribution. The good news for movie fans is that there will be a full summer VOD release via every major digital platform.

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