Friday, May 10, 2013

There's Thunder on the Horizon!

Thunder Road is coming, can you hear the thunder? This feature film project is in development with pre-production hoving into view. Thunder Road is the diligently nurtured baby of Astoria Entertainment, comprising Matt Dallas, Steven Grayhm (who also wrote the script), Charlie Bewley, and assistant, Jupiter Baudot. Matt, Steven and Charlie are producing alongside Penni Thow.  With more meetings and the shooting of promotional material under way this week, things are moving along nicely! We will, of course be keeping you updated on the project's progress, but advise you to also 'like' the official Facebook page to ensure you don't miss anything!

Matt Dallas, Steven Grayhm, Charlie Bewley "on set doing a spot promo"

If you're not already in the know, Thunder Road will tell the story of "the physical and mental hardships and personal triumphs of three soldiers as they attempt to assimilate back into civilian life after returning home from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan". [IMDb]

Matt Dallas & Steven Grayhm leaving Kings Road CafeMatt and Steven meet up at Kings Road Cafe (May 8, 2013)

The 'Astoria Boys' also intend to produce Into the Heart of America: A Soldier's Story — a documentary of their extraordinary research & development journey over the summer of 2011 to the present, culminating with the infusion of realism, truth and honesty into the feature film, Thunder Road.


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